HP Pavilion ze5506EA ROMPaq BIOS دانلود رایگان (ver. KH.­F.­13)

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ROMPaq (ver. KH.­F.­13) INSTALLSHIELD منتشر شده 2003.09.08.

فایل 0 بار دانلود شده و 161 بار مشاهده شده است.

دسته بندی نوت بوک ها
برند HP
دستگاه Pavilion ze5506EA
سیستم های عامل BIOS
نسخه KH.­F.­13
اندازه فایل 824 Kb
منتشر شده 2003.09.08
جستجو و دانلود

ما HP Pavilion ze5506EA ROMPaq BIOS را پیدا می کنیم و لینک دانلود آن را ایجاد می کنیم.

در حال جستجو ...
ROMPaq driver for HP Pavilion ze5506EA Type: BIOS ENHANCEMENTS: - Adds printer Port mode setting in BIOS setup.­ - Adds 2.­3-Ghz portability support.­ - Updates new micro code for Intel processors.­ FIXES: - Fixes an issue that would occur when the notebook was shut down by holding the power button down for 4 seconds.­ The next time the notebook was turned on,­ it would start up with the display panel brightness set for DC power even when it was plugged in to AC power.­ - Fixes an issue where Printer port mode could be changed even with user password enabled.­ - Fixes issue where Fn-F5 had to be pressed twice the first time to switch to the external monitor.­ - Fixes issue where Cisco smart card reader caused system to lock up.­ - Under Microsoft Windows 2000,­ fixes issue where system locked up when switching display between notebook display panel and external monitor.­ IMPORTANT: DO NOT TURN OFF POWER TO THE COMPUTER WHILE PERFORMING THIS PROCEDURE! HOW TO USE: 1.­ Download the SoftPaq to an empty directory on your hard drive.­ The file downloaded is a self-extracting executable with a filename based on the SoftPaq Number Above.­ 2.­ From that drive and directory,­ execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.­ 3.­ After the diskette has been created,­ you may delete the SoftPaq file downloaded in step 2.­ 4.­ Turn off the computer.­ 5.­ Place the newly created ROMPaq Diskette in Drive A: and turn on the computer to update the system BIOS.­

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