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HP Pavilion ze5506EA (ver. 1.­00 Rev D) MSZIP منتشر شده 2003.02.13.

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دسته بندی نوت بوک ها
برند HP
دستگاه Pavilion ze5506EA
سیستم های عامل Windows XP
نسخه 1.­00 Rev D
اندازه فایل 917 Kb
نوع فایل MSZIP
منتشر شده 2003.02.13
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Pavilion Notebooks One-Touch Buttons Support Software for HP Pavilion ze5506EA Type: Driver - Keyboard,­ Mouse and Input Devices summary of JavaScript functions on this page TITLE: Pavilion Notebooks One-Touch Buttons Support Software VERSION: 1.­00 Rev D DESCRIPTION: This allows customers to program the One-Touch buttons on the keyboard of the notebook models below or use the default settings.­ The buttons can start any application or open a document or Web site.­ PURPOSE: Routine Release SOFTPAQ NUMBER: SP23613 SUPERSEDES: SP23330 EFFECTIVE DATE: April 24,­ 2003 CATEGORY: Input Devices SSM SUPPORTED: No PRODUCT TYPE(S): Notebooks PRODUCT MODEL(S): Pavilion xt4316wm,­ xt4328cl,­ xt4345qv,­ ze4212s,­ ze4214s,­ ze4218,­ ze4224,­ ze4228,­ze4234s,­ ze4236,­ ze4258,­ ze4258,­ ze4258,­ ze4262,­ ze4262,­ ze4268,­ ze4288,­ ze4288,­ze4301,­ ze4310EA,­ ze4315us,­ ze4317EA,­ ze4317EA,­ ze4317EA,­ ze4318EA,­ ze4325us,­ze4333EA,­ ze4334EA,­ ze4335EA,­ ze4336EA,­ ze4345us,­ ze4352EA,­ ze4353EA,­ ze4354EA,­ze4355EA,­ ze4356EA,­ ze4355us,­ ze4357EA,­ ze4357EA,­ ze4360EA,­ ze4365us,­ xt236,­xt545,­ ze4201,­ ze4202s,­ ze4204s,­ ze4206s,­ ze4207,­ ze4208s,­ ze4208s,­ ze4209,­ze4210,­ ze4211,­ ze4219,­ ze4219,­ ze4220,­ ze4221,­ ze4222,­ ze4229,­ ze4230,­ ze4231,­ze4232s,­ ZE4239,­ ze4240,­ ze4241,­ ze4251,­ ze4261,­ ze4268,­ ze4271,­ ze4274s,­ze4278,­ ze4281,­ ze4282,­ ze4284,­ ze4288,­ ze4292,­ ze4294,­ ze4294,­ ze4298,­ze4305EA,­ ze4307LA,­ ze4308EA,­ ze4310,­ ze4311,­ ze4312,­ ze4313,­ ze4314,­ ze4315,­ze4315ca,­ ze4316,­ ze4317,­ ze4318,­ ze4319,­ ze4320,­ ze4321,­ ze4323EA,­ ze4325ca,­ze4325EA,­ ze4335us,­ ze4345EA,­ ze4347EA,­ ze4348EA,­ ze4351EA,­ ze4367EA,­ ze4375EA,­ze4385EA,­ ze4386EAPavilion xt276,­ xt5335qv,­ xt5366wm,­ xt555,­ xt565,­ xt575,­ xt575,­ xt585,­ xt595,­ze5207,­ ze5217,­ ze5228,­ ze5232,­ ze5232,­ ze5236,­ ze5238,­ ze5238,­ ze5240,­ ze5242,­ze5244,­ ze5250,­ ze5252,­ ze5258,­ ze5262,­ ze5270,­ ze5279,­ ze5307LA,­ ze5315EA,­ze5315EA,­ ze5320AP,­ ze5320EA,­ ze5325EA,­ ze5343EA,­ ze5344EA,­ ze5345EA,­ ze5345US,­ze5354EA,­ ze5357LA,­ ze5360EA,­ ze5362EA,­ ze5365us,­ ze5375us,­ ze5385ca,­ ze5385us,­ze5395us OPERATING SYSTEM(S): Microsoft Windows XP Home EditionMicrosoft Windows XP Professional LANGUAGE(S): Global ENHANCEMENTS: - Adds language support for Czech,­ Hungarian,­ Polish,­ Russian,­ Slovakian,­ Slovenian,­ and Turkish.­ PREREQUISITES: N/­A HOW TO USE: 1.­ Download the SoftPaq to a directory on your hard drive.­The file downloaded is a self-extracting executable with a filenamebased on the SoftPaq Number above.­2.­ Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.­Copyright (c) 2003 Hewlett-Packard Development Company,­ L.­P.­

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