HP Compaq Presario EZ2207 ADI Audio درایور دانلود رایگان (ver. 5.­12.­01.­3044)

در این صفجه شما همیشه می توانید HP Compaq Presario EZ2207 ADI Audio درایور را برای کامپیوترهای شخصیرایگان دانلود کنید.

ADI Audio (ver. 5.­12.­01.­3044) INSTALLSHIELD منتشر شده 2002.08.19.

فایل 0 بار دانلود شده و 142 بار مشاهده شده است.

دسته بندی کامپیوترهای شخصی
برند HP
دستگاه Compaq Presario EZ2207
سیستم های عامل Windows 98
نسخه 5.­12.­01.­3044
اندازه فایل 24.09 Mb
منتشر شده 2002.08.19
جستجو و دانلود

ما HP Compaq Presario EZ2207 ADI Audio درایور را پیدا می کنیم و لینک دانلود آن را ایجاد می کنیم.

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ADI Audio Driver for HP Compaq Presario EZ2207 DESCRIPTION: This SoftPaq contains the Windows 98 SE,­ Windows 2000,­ Windows ME,­ and windows XP audio driver for the models that have the ADI SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio Controller.­ NOTE: This contains the same driver version that was in Softpaq SP20528,­ but has improvements in the driver installation routine.­ ENHANCEMENTS: - Adds WHQL CAT file for Windows 2000.­ PREREQUISITES: - DirectX 6 or higher should be installed prior to softpaq installation.­ - If you use Compaq System Software Manager (SSM) you must be using version 1.­50 or later.­ For more information on Compaq SSM and to obtain the latest version of Compaq SSM please use the following URL: http:/­/­www.­compaq.­com/­im/­ssmwp.­html HOW TO USE: 1.­ Download the SoftPaq to a directory on your hard drive.­ The file downloaded is a self-extracting executable with a filename based on the SoftPaq Number listed on at the top of this document.­ 2.­ Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.­ 3.­ After the installation is completed,­ you may delete the downloaded file and the directory created in step 2 if you wish.­ Compatible devices: 157084-003,­ 157084-403

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