HP Compaq 6531s نرمافزار دانلود رایگان (ver. 1.­12.­37.­1 A)

در این صفجه شما همیشه می توانید HP Compaq 6531s نرمافزار را برای نوت بوک هارایگان دانلود کنید.

HP Compaq 6531s (ver. 1.­12.­37.­1 A) INSTALLSHIELD منتشر شده 2008.06.20.

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دسته بندی نوت بوک ها
برند HP
دستگاه Compaq 6531s
سیستم های عامل Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows XP 64-bit
نسخه 1.­12.­37.­1 A
اندازه فایل 7.16 Mb
منتشر شده 2008.06.20
جستجو و دانلود

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LightScribe System Software for HP Compaq 6531s This package provides the LightScribe System Software for the supported notebook models and operating systems.­ The LightScribe System Software links the drive firmware with the labeling application.­ It coordinates the functions among the different drives and media combinations to ensure the best LightScribe labeling experience.­ LightScribe Technology enables consumers to create silk-screen quality labels on CDs or DVDs by burning text and graphics directly onto specially coated discs,­ eliminating the need for adhesive labels.­ Compatible devices: FK210AA,­ FK211AA,­ FK212AA,­ FK213AA,­ FK214AA,­ FK215AA,­ FK216AA,­ FK217AA,­ FP631PA,­ FP632PA,­ FP633PA,­ FW167PA,­ FY128PA,­ ND147PA,­ ND148PA,­ ND149PA,­ ND150PA,­ NE805PA,­ NE861PA,­ NE862PA,­ NH359PA,­ NH388PA,­ NH426PA,­ NH427PA,­ NN835PA,­ NN836PA,­ NN860PA,­ NN926PA,­ NR286PA,­ NR287PA,­ NR288PA,­ NT304PA,­ NT305PA,­ NT332PA,­ NV941PA,­ NV942PA,­ NV943PA,­ NW009PA,­ VF906PA

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